How did we met?

For those who don’t know us personally you might wonder how my husband and I met. During my early 20’s the popular social media that time are Friendster, Hi five, myspace and multiply. When I resigned to my previous job in the Philippines and flew to Qatar to search for a job, this platform become my tools to get in touch all over the world. When I finally got the job, I still wanted to be connected to my old friends and find a new connection via social media “Friendster” which popular tools that time. But unfortunately, all social media platform is blocked in my workplace except “Multiply”. Yes I admit!!! We met via Multiply thru a friend (who already passed away) Jamville Sebastian (of Jamich and brother of Yexel Sebastian- which is a former kids at work dancer and my husband former groupmate). Not unlike Friendster you need to be connected first before it will feed to your home. In Multiply there’s already what you called “friends of friends” where all the stuff of your friends of friends will show up on your feed.

Since being new to Doha, I wanted to have friends outside the box and explore the country where I live now. When I saw this guy, I wanted to message him but I’m hesitant that he will just ignore. Being so curios, I browse his entire album and amazed how far he has been in Doha.

When Jamville drop a message to me via comment, I got the courage to ask if he know this person. Gladly, he gave me a little bit of background about this guy…. Yes! I made the first move. I tried to message him and ask him if he knows a friend and so on and on…. and rest is history.

Though multiply is already down years ago, I will never forget this platform and l forever thankful to Jamville for being the bridge to our love story of my husband now….

PS: I couldn’t retrieve anymore all the data that I have and the evidence of our conversation. 


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