How did we met?

For those who don’t know us personally you might wonder how my husband and I met. During my early 20’s the popular social media that time are Friendster, Hi five, myspace and multiply. When I resigned to my previous job in the Philippines and flew to Qatar to search for a job, this platform become my tools to get in touch all over the world. When I finally got the job, I still wanted to be connected to my old friends and find a new connection via social media “Friendster” which popular tools that time. But unfortunately, all social media platform is blocked in my workplace except “Multiply”. Yes I admit!!! We met via Multiply thru a friend (who already passed away) Jamville Sebastian (of Jamich and brother of Yexel Sebastian- which is a former kids at work dancer and my husband former groupmate). Not unlike Friendster you need to be connected first before it will feed to your home. In Multiply there’s already what you called “friends of friends” where all the stuff of your friends of friends will show up on your feed.

Since being new to Doha, I wanted to have friends outside the box and explore the country where I live now. When I saw this guy, I wanted to message him but I’m hesitant that he will just ignore. Being so curios, I browse his entire album and amazed how far he has been in Doha.

When Jamville drop a message to me via comment, I got the courage to ask if he know this person. Gladly, he gave me a little bit of background about this guy…. Yes! I made the first move. I tried to message him and ask him if he knows a friend and so on and on…. and rest is history.

Though multiply is already down years ago, I will never forget this platform and l forever thankful to Jamville for being the bridge to our love story of my husband now….

PS: I couldn’t retrieve anymore all the data that I have and the evidence of our conversation. 


Media and B/Vlogger Nights | Holiday Inn

6th of June 2018

We got an invitation by our blogger friend which happened to be our neighbour and a family friend at Holiday Inn, Doha Qatar. Zeke Tunay (Best Life Qatar) is one of the famous Filipino blogger in Qatar who find ways to share information about foods, new restaurant, hotels and travel blog. I still remember the first blog he wrote, it was about traveling to Tokyo because he got a lot of questions about Japan visa application and I think the rest is history.

I was hesitant to accept the invitation because we have a prior event on the same date. Praise God, we can still manage attend as the event is late night.

We arrived at the hotel around 10pm, all the blogger and media are all set up in one long table.


I was glad I saw new faces during the event.

IMG_0990 (1).jpg

To cut the story short, please watch out vlog below to showcase the food they served to all of us, our experience and to highlights the (host of the night) Holiday Inn.

Enjoy watching!


PS: Pardon my grammar :p

It’s Good to be Bad | Carolina Herrera

I was invited by a blogger friend to attend the Carolina Herrera event at Salam Stores, Mall of Qatar. Carolina Herrera is known for famous perfume especially the 212 NYC Perfume. This time they will introduced new fragrance which they called “Good Girl” and “Confidential”.

Thanks to our blogger friend Glenda and Susana as well as Salam Stores.

VLOG 049 It’s Good To Be Bad is out now
Watch the video below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Carolina Herrera Showcase their new Fragrance Good Girl and Confidential, it’s kind of girly thingy but let’s check it out 😂
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Party Party!

My husband Vlog 002, Watch the video below 🙂

====> Vlog 002 : Lost a Tooth 🙂

We attended our friend birthday bash in Governors Hotel Doha with friends. The party went well but we need to get home early because  I have a my first day of menstruation, my cousin has an early work on the other day and beside my husband can’t drink alcohol that night due to tooth surgery. This is the first time we didn’t stay until afternoon in the hotel event. We usually stayed for overnight and take some bath in lovely swimming pool of the hotel. Though, the unfortunate event happened still we enjoyed the night with our friends.



Era’s Birthday bash @ Governors Hotel Doha

My First Blog! Featuring my hubbie’s VLOG

Oh yeah! if my husband started his Vlog post via Youtube, then it’s time for me to update my Blog too. hahahaha! Blogging/Vlogging is very viral nowadays wherein you can share your thoughts and ideas from nowhere to everywhere. I am a shy type of person especially expressing myself thru camera. I remember way back that I can only pose to one or two photographers who already know my flaws because I am afraid to be bashed. I am not perfect… I have flabby arms, big thigh and a tummy that everybody wants to get rid off but thanks to my hubbie because I have learned to accept my imperfection and now I need to embrace my life in front of camera because of his vlog. hahahaha!

My husband released his very first Vlog featuring our 5th year anniversary. => Link: VLOG 001 : Feeling Vlogger

Anniversary Date 26/07/2017 | Mall of Qatar | Cheesecake Factory


Days before our anniversary, we encountered a petty fight that led us to cold war. They said, problems must be discussed to avoid prolong disagreement. Maybe for some couples it applies but not for us. I believed that every relationship has its own way to solve their problem. Like for us, we just wait for appropriate time to kiss and make-up to turn things right. I guess key factor to our relationship is acceptance and understanding, without it we will never go this far.

Going back to my hubbie’s vlog. Since I became a fan of many youtuber especially Ms. Anna Cay, I always dreamt of having my own content too but I don’t have the guts to push myself  through. Instead I ask my husband why not start his own Youtube content so he can share his talent to everyone. Not only he is very talented in dancing but he is also talented to broadcasting himself .

So this is it, start of something new for Team Pereira…